Dog Walking, Boarding & Concierge service in Westchester and Putnam Counties, New York

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Smoochie Poochies offers Playgroup Services as an alternative to Doggy Day Care. Playgroups are a fantastic fit for dogs and owners who want to avoid over crowding, unpredictable dog temperaments, and often unsanitary conditions of Doggy Day Care facilities.

Our playgroups ensure extended quality time with your dog and socialization with other dogs. Smoochie Poochies will customize an itinerary that meets both the owners and dogs specific needs and temperament. Come home to a relaxed, exercised, socialized pup. Smoochie Poochies playgroups have even been shown to decrease and eliminate destructive behavior in the home by keeping your pup stimulated.

Session Based Package 

10 Session: $195 (playgroups consist of 2 sessions)

A la carte: $45/session


**Sessions never expire-use them when you need them.